Business Development Consultants

We create business



I need to double my sales

If this is your need, we are your people. 

We will work with:

1) Your internal processes

2) Your staff

3) Your Vendors

4) Anyone who can make a difference to your bottom line


and get the job done.


We call a pickle a pickle



Common Sense

No Lemons

No ROI talk

No Loss leader campaign strategy

No jargon ... well no more jargon

What we do will always be in clear and plain language.

When it comes to marketing we:

1) Design a marketing campaign for you

2) Check with you if it makes sense.

3) Budget it

4) Spend it (Advertising, digital marketing etc happen here)

5) Review


Not all marketing campaigns work all the time. We will do an honest and open review with you. 



r-are team




Krishna Menon setup r-are after several years in marketing, branding, and sales. He is a travel,  healthcare and agriproduce entrepreneur. 

He is assisted in r-are by

1) Mr Vijay Sahni - Graphic design, Web design, Cricket

2) Ms Tanushree V - Content, Graphics, Cats

3) Saravanan - Research

And the brave production boys Shiva and Poorna

Over the years we have acquired over 200 consultants we work with. If one of our consultants is looking at this, we are sorry we didn't list you all.